The principal focus of my work is how we use technology to make and distribute images of the world around us. I use printmaking to make concrete what are often incomplete, very precarious low definition 'technical' images and to explore questions concerning technologically failed vision or obstructed seeing whereby the more immediate images become the less there is to see.

Below is a selection of my current print projects. More of my work can be seen at 


Studies for the series 'The Transparent City'
Screenprints on paper 
Image size: 32cm x 32cm
Paper size: 32cm x 32cm

JourneyAtNight (2).jpg

Journey At Night
A series of 3 screenprints on paper
Image sizes: 42cm x 42cm & 42 x 62cm
Paper sizes: 50cm x 50cm & 50cm x 70cm

OL 19 (Square Menu Image).jpg

A New European Landscape Tradition
A series of 3 photo-etchings on paper
Image size: 42cm x 59cm
Paper size: 56cm x 76cm

JL(3) (Square Menu Image).jpg

A Japanese Landscape
A series of 6 screenprints on paper
Image size: 40cm x 52cm
Paper size: 48cm x 60cm

IMG_1556A (Square Menu Image).jpg

Studies for a series of 9 screenprints on paper
Image size: 16cm x 16cm
Paper size: 22cm x 22cm

IMG_1391A (Square Menu Image).jpg

Medway Sunset
2 screenprints on paper
Image size: 40cm x 60cm
Paper size: 50cm x 70cm

Views Of A Mountain (II) (Square Menu Im

Views of a Mountain
A series of 7 screenprints on paper
Image size: 36cm x 48cm
Paper size: 40cm x 52cm